?Who is the winner?

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?Who is the winner?

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A Catholic sister asked Yusuf Estes-Why he accepted Islam- 2011


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What is paradise? Who will deserve it??Who is the winner? Who is going to live in forever?

Paradise is a place where all blessings have been created perfectly and where people will be offered everything their souls and hearts will desire, and that people will be far removed from want and need, people will be far removed from death ,disease, anxiety , sadness, sorrow , regret and any bad thing you know or don’t know.  Every kind of beauty and blessing exists in Paradise and will be revealed with a perfection never seen or known before.  Allah has prepared such blessings there as a gift, and these will be offered only to people with whom He is pleased.

But what is the nature of these delights in Paradise, and how will it be different from the delights of this world?  We will try to highlight a few of these differences.


Learn To Read Quran

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الكاتب : Be Smart , Be The Winner of this life and the bauety leternal life after death!!
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